Daily News Issue Date: 
August 28, 2013


Four more Palestinian refugees are killed in the Syrian conflict. (Ma’an)

The Arab League denounces Syria for chemical weapons use but declines to back an American military response. (New York Times)

The US is seen as wanting to "punish" Syria for chemical weapons use but not seek immediate regime change. (AFP)

Iran says any attack against Syria would prompt retaliation against Israel. (New York Times)

Israel says it would retaliate against any attack. (Los Angeles Times)

Iran says Israeli "aggressions" against regional states must stop. (Xinhua)

Israel primarily fears Syrian missiles or nerve gas reaching Hezbollah. (Xinhua)

There is a rush in Israel for gas masks. (AP)

Palestinian police are investigating the killing of a Palestinian man by their own forces. (AP/Ma'an)

Experts say China has much at risk but little leverage in the Middle East. (Reuters)

Norway's FM warns Israel and the Palestinians that without progress, the world may stop bankrolling Palestinian state-building. (Jerusalem Post)

Other Gaza factions appear highly skeptical about Hamas' suggestions they join the government. (Al Monitor)

Egypt intensifies its crackdown on Gaza smuggling tunnels. (Daily Mail)

The US Dept. of Education dismisses complaints by Jewish students at UC Berkeley that criticism of Israel is "harassment." (Los Angeles Times)


Michael Weiss says the US should try to oust Assad and lays out a scenario for how. (Foreign Affairs)

Frederic Hof evaluates Sec. Kerry's Syria speech. (Atlantic Council)

Aaron David Miller says the US has little to gain in Syria. (Foreign Policy)

Rami Khouri says there are no easy solutions in Syria. (The Daily Star)

Ali Ibrahim looks at American options in Syria. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Doyle McManus says the administration's goals in Syria are likely to be very modest. (Los Angeles Times)

David Rothkopf says whatever the administration does in Syria is likely to be too little, too late. (Foreign Policy)

Foreign Policy lists 35 sites in Syria it thinks are likely American targets. (Foreign Policy)

Nahum Barnea says Israel should not take any action in Syria. (New York Times)

Shlomi Eldar says Israel should be part of an anti-Assad coalition. (Al Monitor)

Anshel Pfeffer looks at American options in Syria. (Ha'aretz)

Mitch Ginsburg says, for Israel, it's a pity both sides in Syria can't lose. (Times of Israel)

Semih Idiz asks if Turkey's parliament will approve military action in Syria. (Al Monitor)

Khaled Diab says Israel remains a convenient scapegoat throughout the Islamic world. (Ha'aretz)

Ha'aretz says, if PM Netanyahu is serious about peace, he will stop damaging actions like the raid on Qalandiyah. (Ha'aretz)

Zvi Bar'el says Israel and the Palestinians have no choice but to cooperate in order to survive. (Ha'aretz)

Hillel Halkin says many Israelis feel vindicated by their skepticism about the "Arab Spring." (The Forward)

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