Daily News Issue Date: 
August 19, 2013


Fatah proposes general elections to end the Palestinian political impasse, but Hamas rejects them. (Xinhua/Ma'an)

Palestinian activists vow they will "protect Jews" in any future Palestinian state. (Ha'aretz)

Israel is intensifying its diplomatic outreach to allies, reportedly urging support for the Egyptian authorities. (New York Times)

Israel denies it has "close ties" with Egypt's new government, but is watching events closely. (Xinhua/AP)

Unrest in Egypt unnerves Israel and Hamas alike, but for very different reasons. (The Guardian)

Israel's counterterrorism bureau issues a high alert warning for coming weeks. (Times of Israel)

Egyptian officials say they understand Israel's concerns. (YNet)

Militants ambush and kill 24 Egyptian police officers in Sinai. (New York Times/Reuters/AP)

Hamas supporters in Gaza hold vigils for slain Egyptian Muslim Brothers. (Al Monitor)

Egypt closes the Rafah Gaza border crossing after the Sinai attack. (AFP)

Israel allows 270 trucks of supplies into Gaza given Egypt's border closure. (Xinhua)

Jordan's King Abdullah says Israeli unilateral measures are endangering peace talks. (Xinhua)

With peace talks resumed, some Palestinians are again pressing for the right of return. (Christian Science Monitor)

The PA says it is still facing a severe financial crisis. (Ma'an)

The US says it will deliver $148 million in aid to the PA shortly. (Ma'an)

The CSM looks at a lush Palestinian country club in the occupied West Bank. (Christian Science Monitor)

Israel arrests three Palestinians swimming off the coast of Gaza. (Xinhua)

A Palestinian shepherd says he was beaten by masked men in the occupied West Bank. (Jerusalem Post)

The Palestinian public employees union condemns Hamas' media crackdown. (Ma'an)

There is another exchange of fire between militants in Syria and Israeli forces along the occupied Golan Heights frontier. (AP)

Statistics show only 11% of Palestinians traveled abroad in 2012. (Wafa)

A Canadian summer program tries to bring together Israeli and Palestinian youth. (Toronto Star)

A young Palestinian prodigy becomes a doctor at age 20. (The National)


Aseel Saied describes what she learned participating in the ATFP/APN joint internship program. (Jewish Weekly)

Kobi Niv says the Israeli right won't take yes for an answer from the Palestinians. (Ha'aretz)

Ben Sales wonders if unrest in Egypt and Syria can actually help the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. (JTA)

J.J. Goldberg says the surge in Al Qaeda-related terrorism in Sinai is deeply worrying. (The Forward)

Yaakov Lappin looks at the delicate balance Israel must strike in Sinai. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

Ben Caspit says Israel is bracing for further unrest to come. (Al Monitor)

Yehuda Bauer asks why the US has failed to broker peace for 40 years. (Ha'aretz)

Aryeh Eldad says the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is based on religion, not territory. (Ha'aretz)

Avraham Burg says to achieve peace, PM Netanyahu must first speak its language. (Ha'aretz)

Aron Heller says many settlers defy their extremist stereotype and are very different than people think. (AP)

Harriet Sherwood profiles the custodian of a Gaza gravesite that bespeaks a great burden of history. (The Guardian)

Abeer Ayyoub says the families of Gaza residents convicted of spying for Israel face stigma and discrimination. (Al Monitor)

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