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July 26, 2013
Former Pres. Morsi is arrested on espionage charges, mainly related to collaboration with Hamas. (AP/AFP)
Hamas denounces Morsi's arrest. (AFP)
Egypt bans Gaza fishermen from fishing in its territorial waters. (Al Monitor)
Hamas shuts down several media outlets in Gaza, Including Al Arabiya and Ma'an. (New York Times/Xinhua/Ma'an)
The media office closures in Gaza are widely condemned by Palestinians. (Ma'an)
Hamas is trying to bolster local support through mobilizing and controlling the Gaza mosque system. (Al Monitor)
Peace talks are set to resume, but obstacles remain. (NPR)
PM Netanyahu's personal aide Molcho will be attending the new talks in Washington. (The Forward)
A broad range of Jewish Americans write a letter of encouragement to Netanyahu as he reenters negotiations. (JTA)
In comments at the UN, Sec. Kerry refers to Palestine as a "country." (AFP)
Years of quiet diplomacy led Kerry to be able to relaunch Israeli-Palestinian talks. (Daily Beast)
Israel's strategic affairs minister says the country is willing to make "serious territorial concessions." (Daily Telegraph)
Israeli officials say they will limit new settlement housing tenders to 1,000 during peace talks. (Ha'aretz/Times of Israel)
Palestinians are pushing for the introduction of 3G smart phone service in the West Bank. (Christian Science Monitor)
Israel says it will respond to new EU guidelines by not cooperating with EU projects and representatives in the West Bank. (Ha'aretz/The Guardian)
EU officials attend an Israeli occupation civil administration planning meeting about "Area C." (Ha'aretz)
Israel's plan for the forced mass resettlement of Bedouins in southern Israel is widely seen as discriminatory. (New York Times)
Israeli human rights groups say the Atty. Gen. is "playing games" with a wildcat "unauthorized" settlement outpost. (YNet)
Rights groups also say only 8.5% of investigations into crimes against Palestinians in the occupied territories lead to indictments. (Jerusalem Post)
Fighting rages in the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. (AP)
Israeli occupation forces arrest a Palestinian man they say was planning to shoot at a bus in the West Bank. (Xinhua)
The scheduled opening of an Israeli clothing chain store branch in Ramallah causes controversy on both sides. (AP)
Palestinian, Israeli, Jordanian and Japanese officials meet to discuss opening a West Bank industrial park. (Xinhua)
Militants appear to continue to gain strength in the Sinai Peninsula. (Los Angeles Times)
Israeli officials complain Turkey is trying to humiliate, and not reconcile with, Israel. (Jerusalem Post)
Hussein Ibish looks at growing tensions between Hamas and the Egyptian military and new government. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)
The New York Times says Kerry deserves credit for his perseverance on Middle East peace. (New York Times)
Aaron David Miller lists five reasons why Kerry might be optimistic about real progress. (Washington Post)
Gadi Baltiansky and Nidal Foqaha say a peace deal can be a win-win for Israelis and Palestinians. (YNet)
Bradley Burston says he's confident there will be peace. (Ha'aretz)
Christopher Dickey says, despite the risks, pursuing Israeli-Palestinian peace is the Obama administration's best chance to influence the direction of the Middle East. (Daily Beast)
Ahmad Majdoubeh says peace is possible and Pres. Obama and Kerry deserve applause for their initiative. (Jordan Times)
Uri Dromi says everyone should support the new peace initiative. (Miami Herald)
George Hishmeh says, with its new occupation guidelines, the EU has taken the lead in the quest for peace. (Gulf News)
Shlomi Eldar notes Netanyahu likes some EU decisions and hates others. (Al Monitor)
Jeffrey Goldberg says Israel should take warnings about the occupation from top US generals very seriously. (Bloomberg)
Patrick Smith says Israel should pay close attention to the implications of the new EU occupation guidelines. (Salon)
Abraham Foxman encourages the US Supreme Court to overturn the ruling that Americans born in Jerusalem cannot cite Israel as country of birth. (Ha'aretz)
Amira Hass says Israel's new railway plan in the occupied Palestinian territories will face hundreds of objections. (Ha'aretz)

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