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July 19, 2013
Sec. Kerry will reportedly hold an emergency meeting with Pres. Abbas to discuss his peace initiative later today. (The Independent)
Kerry meets again with the chief Palestinian negotiator to discuss modalities for resuming negotiations with Israel. (AP/Reuters)
American officials say the announcement of new Israeli-Palestinian talks is "not imminent."(Washington Post)
Some Palestinian figures say they find Kerry's proposals insufficient to restart talks with Israel. (New York Times/Los Angeles Times/Ha'aretz)
Palestinian objections center around the need for talks to be based on the 1967 borders with agreed land swaps. (AP/Ma'an)
Habayit Hayehudi leader Bennett threatens to leave the Netanyahu coalition over the issue of the 1967 borders. (Ha'aretz/Jerusalem Post)
Israel denies reports it's willing to accept the Arab Peace Initiative as a basis for talks. (Xinhua)
President Obama urges PM Netanyahu to resume negotiations with the Palestinians. (Reuters)
Jordan offers to support resumed Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. (Xinhua)
Palestinian officials praise Jordan's role on Jerusalem. (Jordan Times)
Israel's attorney general says the state should prioritize demolishing settler structures built onprivate Palestinian property in the occupied territories. (Jerusalem Post)
Israeli occupation forces detain five Palestinians in the West Bank. (Ma'an)
The number of Palestinians traveling to Israel and occupied East Jerusalem this Ramadan isdrawing income away from Palestinian businesses. (Ma'an)
The EU formally publishes its new settlement policy guidelines despite Israeli objections. (Ha'aretz)
The EU guidelines may damage the holdings of some Israeli banks, among other impacts. (Jerusalem Post)
Israelis are concerned unrest in Sinai may spill into Israel. (YNet)
The ouster of former Pres. Morsi may have been partly caused by turning a blind eye to extremists in Sinai. (AP)
Israel indicts a Palestinian man it held secretly since he went missing in Egypt a month ago. (Reuters)
An Israeli general issues a rare admission that soldiers erred in arresting a five-year-old Palestinian child. (Times of Israel)
After some heated controversy, a Palestinian teenager is allowed to attend a Central Pennsylvania high school. (Patriot News)
Hussein Ibish says Kerry's diplomatic push should be supported by bottom-up Palestinian civil society initiatives. (Foreign Policy)
Jeremy Ben-Ami condemns cynicism and defeatism on US Middle East peace efforts. (New York Times)
Herb Keinon says Palestinian hesitancy over Kerry's proposals reveals a lack of Arab League clout. (Jerusalem Post)
The Jordan Times looks at Jordan's role in efforts to revive Israeli-Palestinian talks. (Jordan Times)
The Daily Star already dismisses Kerry's peace efforts as an "abject failure." (The Daily Star)
Lisa Goldman says Kerry stands little chance of altering the present status quo. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)
The New York Times talks to outgoing Israeli Ambassador Oren. (New York Times)
Ari Shavit says Israel's arrogance and complacency led to the EU settlement guidelines fiasco. (Ha'aretz)
Dan Illouz asks why Israel, a country noted for innovation, can't think outside the box when it comes to peace. (Jerusalem Post)
Alan Phillips says the new EU guidelines show Europe will no longer be played for a fooled by Israel. (The National)
AFP says the new EU guidelines turn up the heat on Israel regarding peace. (AFP)
Nehemia Shtrasler says such sanctions will only intensify until they hit all Israelis in the pocketbook. (Ha'aretz)
Barak Ravid says diplomatic failures were involved, but ultimately Netanyahu is responsible for the EU measure. (Ha'aretz)
Israel Harel says Israel should fight back against the EU directive and has the leverage to do so. (Ha'aretz)
The Jerusalem Post says the EU directive will only hamper efforts to revive peace talks. (Jerusalem Post)
David Weinberg says the guidelines are just another example of European anti-Semitism. (Jerusalem Post)
Noah Beck dismisses the EU measure as simply designed to placate oil-rich Arab states. (YNet)
Samuel Lebens says European sanctions against Israel can work, but these are not the right ones. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)
Ha'aretz says settlers are stealing money from the Israeli state to fund stealing lands from the Palestinians. (Ha'aretz)
Hazem Balousha says Hamas is trying to mitigate the fallout of the ouster of Morsi. (Al Monitor)
Abeer Ayyoub says Palestinians in Gaza feel punished by Egypt this Ramadan. (Al Monitor)
Miriam Pellicano says Israeli laws tear Palestinian families apart. (Al Jazeera)

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