Daily News Issue Date: 
April 30, 2013
FM Al-Malki confirms that Palestinians promised during Pres. Obama's visit not to pursue international initiatives for the meanwhile. (Politico)
A leading Labor Party MK warns Washington not to pursue peace talks because PM Netanyahu isn't interested in progress. (AP)
Sec. Kerry is attempting to revive the Arab Peace Initiative. (AFP)
The Arab League appears to endorse the principle of land swaps between Israel and the Palestinians, and Israel welcomes the move. (Reuters/YNet)
The Israeli military says it has killed a militant with an airstrike in Gaza, in the first targeted assassination since November. (AP/New York Times/Ha'aretz)
A Palestinian militant group has claimed responsibility for the stabbing of an Israeli settler, which has provoked a violent response from settlers. (Xinhua)
Over 20 Palestinians are injured in Israeli settler attacks. (Ma'an)
Palestinians are looking for ways to free prisoners from Israeli detention. (Xinhua/PRI)
Israel evicts hundreds of Bedouins in the Jordan Valley to make way for military exercises. (YNet)
Israel has received a fifth Dolphin class submarine from Germany. (Xinhua)
The CSM profiles a first responder in southern Israel. (Christian Science Monitor)
Israel has issued approximately 500 permits for Christians from Gaza to celebrate Easter in the West Bank. (Ma'an)
New PA regulations regarding payment of public sector employees in Gaza are welcomed by many women. (Ma'an)
Egypt is withdrawing from another round of NPT talks in implicit protest of Israel's nuclear arsenal. (Reuters)
A film by Palestinian producers in Gaza is nominated for an award at the Cannes Film Festival. (Al Monitor)
Hamas leaders are increasingly trying to influence youth through social media. (Al Monitor)
Asher Susser asks if Jordan's monarchy is in danger of collapse. (Crown Center)
George Bisharat says proposed legislation on a visa waiver program with Israel would discriminate against Arab and Muslim Americans. (Los Angeles Times)
Maysoon Zayid also strongly criticizes the bill as discriminatory. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)
Benjamin Pogrund relates what he saw when reporters were allowed into Israel's only prison in the occupied territories. (Ha'aretz)
Abraham Katsman says it's wrong to blame the United States or Israel for PM Fayyad's resignation. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)
Oudeh Basharat says the position of Israel's finance minister towards Arab workers is immoral. (Ha'aretz)
Barry Rubin says Israel is in surprisingly robust condition in a region falling apart. (Jerusalem Post)
Akiva Eldar says if Obama is giving up on Pres. Bush's roadmap for peace, that's a mistake. (Al Monitor)

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