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March 21, 2013

Pres. Obama vows to recommit US foreign policy to seeking a two-state peace agreement. (The National)

A leaked document suggests Pres. Abbas is looking for ways to resume negotiations with Israel. (New York Times)

Obama prepares to visit the occupied West Bank today. (BBC)

Obama and PM Netanyahu attempt to convey solidarity on various policies. (AP/Washington Post)

Ha'aretz publishes a transcript of the Obama-Netanyahu press conference. (Ha'aretz)

Obama and Netanyahu reportedly discussed Iran, Syria and peace talks at length. (Xinhua)

Obama calls Israeli-Palestinian peace "a really hard problem." (AP)

Obama reiterates unwavering American support for Israel. (AP)

Obama's message may not resonate with younger, more right-wing Israelis. (LA Times)

Some Palestinians
express great disappointment with Obama thus far for not pressuring Israel enough, and also with Arab states. (BBC/USA Today/The National)

The Israeli police say they have deployed 15,000 officers for security during Obama's trip. (Xinhua)

More than 500 journalists are covering Obama's Middle East trip. (The Media Line)

Two rockets fired from Gaza land in southern Israel. (YNet)

PM Fayyad secures €7 million in funding for Palestinian development in "Area C." (PNN)

The plight of Palestinian refugees in Syria could have serious implications for Israel. (JTA)

Some Palestinian lawyers file a lawsuit in Ramallah against the US government regarding the death of a Palestinian in Iraq in 2003. (Xinhua)

Weapons experts express significant doubts about Israel's new anti-missile defense system. (New York Times)

Israeli occupation forces surround a Palestinian protest tent village to the east of Jerusalem, in the area slated for the highly controversial proposed E-1 settlement. (Ma'an/Ha'aretz)

Rock star Roger Waters endorses boycotting Israel. (Jerusalem Post)

Israel is trying to get settlers and Palestinians in the occupied territories to cooperate on recycling trash. (Ha'aretz)

Gaza is facing another water crisis. (Al Monitor)

Ben Gurion University is trying to promote a "business for peace" program between Israelis and Palestinians. (Al Monitor)

PM Erdogan says his comments at a UN meeting about Zionism were "misinterpreted." (JTA)

A young woman in Gaza is allegedly killed by her father and brother in a "honor crime," but Hamas is not applying Abbas' ban on invoking "honor" in order to get reduced sentences. (Al Monitor)

Mara Rudman says the PA institution-building program is essential for building a Palestinian state to live alongside Israel. (USAID)

Matthew Duss says the US needs to support the PA institutionally and with a robust diplomatic push for a peace agreement, and by speaking bluntly to both sides. (CAP/American Prospect)

John Podesta, Ian Bomberg and Rudy deLeon
say political risk insurance is an important factor in Palestinian economic development. (American Progress)

Mustafa Barghouthi says Palestinians want to know if Obama and the US have the will to move forward on peace based on Palestinian independence. (New York Times)

Chemi Shalev
says Obama's major address during his visit to Israel and Palestine may make many parties uncomfortable with blunt talk about the consequences of inaction on peace. (Ha'aretz)

Bradley Burston says Obama's speech will be addressed directly to the Israeli public, who can either make or break a peace agreement with the Palestinians. (Ha'aretz)

Former Congressman Gary Ackerman says Israelis need to understand and respect the basic human dignity of Palestinians and strike a reasonable deal with them. (Jerusalem Post)

E.J. Dionne says Obama is hoping his visit will be a reset in his relations with the Israeli government and people. (Washington Post)

Herb Keinon
says the Israeli public has fallen in love with Obama. (Jerusalem Post)

The Daily Star says Obama's visit is likely to plunge Palestinians and Arabs into entirely new levels of outrage and despair.(The Daily Star)

Sami Abdel-Shafi says he's optimistic about the outcome of Obama's visit. (The Guardian)

Karl Vick says Obama and Netanyahu looked like they were in a "buddy movie"on the first day of the President's visit to Israel. (Time)

Harry Enten
says polls show both Israelis and Palestinians are increasingly skeptical that Obama or the US can help achieve a two-state solution. (The Guardian)

Eitan Haber
issues an open letter of thanks to Obama. (YNet)

Ian Black says Obama's trip to Israel will do nothing to restore Arab confidence in him. (The Guardian)

Gershon Baskin
offers advice to Obama. (Jerusalem Post)

Human Rights Watch
says Obama should press both Israeli and Palestinian leaders on abuses. (HRW)

Ian Lustick says Israel needs to outgrow an outmoded, traditional, pre-state Zionism. (LA Times)

Maysoon Zayid imagines taking Obama on a tour of Palestine and Israel as she knows them. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

Yolande Knell says Israelis and Palestinians are wondering if there any viable alternatives to a two-state solution. (BBC)

Naseem Tarawnah says Jeffrey Goldberg's interviews with Jordan's King Abdullah II demonstrates the pressing need for Arab social and political honesty. (The Black Iris)

Douglas Bloomfield notes that Pres. Morsi is cooperating much more with Israel than with Hamas. (Jerusalem Post)

Lana Shehadeh
says Palestinian women face pervasive violence and discrimination in their own society. (Al Monitor)

Hussein Ibish examines the psychology behind arguments that deny Israel is an occupying power, or that settlement activity in occupied territories is prohibited by international law. (Daily Beast/Open Zion)

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