Artist: Zuheir Al-Faqih

Measurements: 16"
Created: 2010

[An iridescent bowl intended to reflect balance in duality, which is represented by two glass beads on the rim. If the beads are aligned horizontally, it represents male-female, toughness-kindness, sound-silence, etc. If they are placed vertically, they represent good-evil, light-dark, destroy-create.] The bowl is made of clear and iridescent glass that are fused several times; first to meld the glass into a circle, then in a shallow bed of sand where the shape has been carved out to allow it to take the form of a bowl, and lastly to attach the beads. The sand was allowed to adhere in this piece to serve as a contrast to the polished, sparkling face.

Starting Bid: $250.00
Market Value: $400.00

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