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Almost got stuck in the dessert there for a second. Prime Minster Fayyad, my good friend Ziad - my very good friend Ziad, and all the recipients - Rami, wherever you are. Where are you? I have to say, I am a huge fan of Project Runway. In fact, my wife and I are both big fans, we really wanted you to win. And my kids, my kids say I look like Tim Gunn - I don't know whether that's a compliment or not.

Dr. Mjalli, your remarks were extremely moving, thank you. And congratulations to Mr. Shaheen and my dear friend and traveling companion George Salem. Congratulations, George. It is really an honor to be here, and I am not alone. From this administration, many of my colleagues are here. You heard from Administrator Fore, my Special Advisor Adnan Kifayat is here, Elliott Abrams from the NSC is here, and many others. And we're here for a reason - because we support the American Task Force on Palestine.

And I want to compliment you, Ziad, and the American Task Force on Palestine, for the tremendous work that you are doing to advance peace in the Middle East through the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state living in peace alongside Israel. I also want to applaud you for the establishment of the American Charities for Palestine and for your service as co-chair of the US-Palestinian Partnership, a critical public-private initiative to promote educational and economic opportunity for the Palestinian people. And I also want to recognize the co-chair, my good friend Walter Isaacson, whom I've known since he was in high school. My main job tonight, actually, is to read a brief letter from the President of the United States.


Again, thank you Ziad, it is a deep honor for me to be here tonight. Thank you.


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