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Good Evening. Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am so happy to be here this evening for this very special occasion. It is indeed a great honor and it is also with great pride that I am introducing my wife Najat for the lifetime achievement award.

I met Najat While students at Ohio State University. She came to the US on a Fulbright Scholarship to study physics. I had come from newly independent Algeria, and was a student in mining engineering. After that the world was never the same and here today we are celebrating her lifetime achievements.

Najat’s lifetime achievements are numerous and well documented as you can read from her brilliant resume. They span achievements in teaching and research in the more abstract world of nuclear physics but more importantly her major contributions have been in the real world where we live. She succeeded in organizing several women and youth organizations that she helped establish and fund promoting the political, social and cultural welfare of its members. Her work was remarkable in establishing bridges of communication with numerous other organizations to seek understanding, synergies and common goals.

Najat’s achievements are well recognized by government officials, NGO’s and political organizations covering many regions of the world especially in the Middle East and North Africa.

Her most remarkable work has been in conflict resolution focusing on dialogue for better understanding of peace issues, bringing together and training stakeholders in the process. As co-coordinator of the dialogue project between American Jewish and Palestinian women she initiated and participated in several workshops on conflict resolution. She was also a guest speaker on the same issues on television, campuses, synagogues, churches and NGO’s.

Najat was able to convey the Palestinians’ point of view of the conflict to audiences who were totally on the other side and managed to change some minds whether by giving talks at different conferences or accompanying groups of women, students and physicians to the area to better understand the Palestinian plight.

Through out her career, Najat maintained her deep and personal involvement in, and commitment to women’s issues. For her, advancing women’s position in the Arab World as leaders in the political and civic life was a major goal. Towards that goal she led workshops in leadership training for women in several Arab Countries.

Najat carried the same spirit of determination when facing tough challenges while getting her Ph. D. in Nuclear Physics into her activism years. No job was too hard and no task was unachievable, she dedicated her life and her activism to contributing to resolving the Palestinian conflict.

Allow me now to quote a statement from a government official that truly reflects Najat’s personality. I quote: “Najat is dedicated, competent and understanding. She remains focused on the task at hand, never taking her eyes of the ball. Najat has a unique combination of substantive expertise, outstanding organizational ability, and superb communication skills. The result is that she can put together a complicated program, run it, and make friends at the same time.”

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