A: ATFP believes there is only one potential conflict-ending solution: two states, Palestine and Israel, living alongside each other in peace, security and dignity. The two-state solution is enshrined in international law and countless UN Security Council resolutions, is the policy of virtually every government in the world, has been accepted unanimously by the Arab League through the Arab Peace Initiative, and constitutes a local, regional and international consensus. This overwhelming international consensus, based on international law and legitimacy, should be considered the greatest achievement of the Palestinian national movement and asset for the Palestinian people in their quest for freedom. This was reflected by the 1988 Palestinian Declaration of Independence adopted in Algiers, which embraced the two-state solution as the Palestinian national goal.

Moreover, ATFP does not believe that a one-state agenda is achievable. It also does not believe that any other identifiable, attainable outcome apart from a two-state solution will result in an end to the conflict or the occupation. ATFP is therefore committed to advocating on behalf of a two-state solution as the only plausible means to resolve the conflict and gain Palestinians first-class citizenship in a state of their own.

However, we understand that some Palestinians and their allies are in favor of seeking a single state for all Israelis and Palestinians. While we respect the right of anyone to hold such an opinion, ATFP notes that the majority of both Israelis and Palestinians have made their preference for a two-state solution clear in virtually every poll and survey in the past two decades at least, and that a single state is not achievable and would not end the conflict. ATFP is whole-heartedly committed to a two-state solution, while remaining open to a healthy, respectful dialogue with one-state agenda advocates.


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