A: No. Such laughable accusations are yet another a part of deliberate efforts to discredit ATFP and undermine its work and standing with Palestinians and Arabs everywhere. We support the Palestinian goal of independent statehood, led by the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, the PLO. ATFP has a strong commitment to the Palestinian people and to helping to secure their independent state.

But ATFP is first and foremost an American organization that foregrounds the American national interest, especially US interests in ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state. ATFP categorically opposes the occupation that began in 1967, but it does not oppose the State of Israel. Accordingly, ATFP has engaged in and promoted dialogue with Israel, Israelis and their Jewish-American supporters as an indispensable corollary to its mission and policies. ATFP is most frequently criticized for its commitment to this American national interest by those who do not approve of a two-state solution. 


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