A: ATFP has been frequently been subjected to this outrageous defamation by its Israeli ultra-nationalist, far right wing or Islamophobic detractors. This is an almost daily accusation on social media, and a frequent one on far right-wing websites and blogs. Like the false accusations that come from the far left, these ultra-right-wing calumniesare intended to undermine ATFP's reputation, standing and ability to function successfully. However, they are even more hideous and insidious in that they implicitly suggest that ATFP is not only disloyal to the United States, but potentially engaged in unlawful activity or supportive of violence and religious extremism.

Obviously ATFP and its staff have a long and unquestionable record of opposing violence and extremism of all forms. These accusations are not only lacking in substance, they are a total inversion of the actual positions, history and opinions of the organization and its supporters. It seems possible that some of those who level these accusations are aware of this, but are cynically exploiting antipathy towards Palestine, Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in order to paint entire communities, societies and civilizations as alien, menacing and dangerous.

ATFP is a patriotic American organization that emphasizes the American national interest in its work. But this does not immunize the Task Force from being drawn into the generalized accusations against these communities. Such accusations are leveled because ATFP has the word "Palestine" in its name.

ATFP generally does not dignify such outrageous defamation with any kind of direct response, but rather lets its work speak for itself. We are secure in the knowledge that respectable American society, including the policy community in Washington, and most of our fellow citizens, understand that this kind of bigotry is not only baseless but also contemptible and downright dangerous.


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