A: No. This is yet another malicious and preposterous allegation made by those who would discredit ATFP because they oppose a two-state solution and peace with Israel. ATFP is not a “lobby group” at all, but more to the point it is an American organization that is pro-Palestine, and anti-occupation, but without being anti-Israel. Working for a two-state solution in Washington means engaging the broadest possible set of constituencies that either endorse, or are potentially amenable to, such an arrangement. This means building strong ties to other Arab-American organizations as well as pro-peace, Christian, Muslim, policy and other civil society groups that support ending the occupation and a two-state solution. This also crucially involves trying to build working relations with mainstream Jewish pro-Israel organizations. ATFP is a particularly innovative and effective pro-Palestinian and anti-occupation organization, because it seeks to build the largest possible coalition in favor of achieving this goal, which is the raison d'ĂȘtre guiding the Task Force from its outset.


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