A: On the broadest policy questions, definitely not. Virtually all surveys over the past 20 years show a solid majority of Palestinians in favor of a two-state solution, which is the raison d'être of ATFP. Additionally, most Palestinians are in favor of reforms, good governance, transparency, accountability, anti-corruption measures and other programs to develop and improve their society, which ATFP also strongly supports. ATFP does, however, find itself at odds with one-state advocates, radical Islamists, Israeli annexationists, and uncompromising strident nationalists on all sides who reject the compromises necessary for peace.

ATFP is consciously developing and refining a new approach to achieving goals, such as Palestinian independence, that are shared by the Palestinian majority. Some of these approaches may be misunderstood or under-appreciated because they are so new and different, and others because they are a work in progress. But the aims are precisely the same: to end the occupation, achieve Palestinian independence, build Palestinian society, and reform governance and economic structures to better serve the Palestinian people.


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