October, 2004

The Board and staff of ATFP are committed to build on the solid foundation that ATFP has established to allow the organization to endure and succeed in promoting its vision of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

ATFP aims at seeking peace through working to secure the establishment and success of a viable state of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza with its capital in East Jerusalem. These efforts will be guided by ATFP’s mission statement, and the final objectives outlined at the founding of the organization. ATFP aims to support strengthening the foundation for an eventual state of Palestine through promoting democracy, economic development, cessation of violence and the removal of Israeli impediments to the establishment of such a state. ATFP also aims to provide support for this state once it is established to help it achieve stability and prosperity for all its citizens.

ATFP believes the key to peace is the principle of fairness. This principle recognizes that both Israelis and Palestinians have individual civil, religious and national rights in historical Palestine, and that the rights of both peoples must be recognized and accommodated.

ATFP believes that establishing a free and viable state of Palestine based on the rule of law would offer equal economic and social opportunities, which are essential foundations for a lasting peace with Israel.

ATFP is committed to integrity. This is expressed in an unwavering commitment to its goals with consistency and transparency.

ATFP recognizes the necessity for political consistency and intellectual honesty. The organization embraces a strong commitment to a single standard of morality that applies equally to positions or conduct on the part of Palestinians, Israelis and Americans.

The main field of activity for ATFP is working within our country to generate enough support to impact government policy. Our premise is that the establishment of a state of Palestine will be a vital and necessary enhancement of our national security, serve our economic interests by removing political impediments to trade with the Arab and Muslim world, and will reflect American values and our national commitment to freedom for all peoples.

ATFP will continue to expand its work with all branches of government, political and civic organizations, groups and individuals, and to build alliances with partners who share our goals.

ATFP will facilitate contacts between Palestinian officials and private individuals and our country at all possible levels in order to enhance understanding and build support for establishing a state of Palestine.

ATFP will also work with international parties, in the Arab World, Israel, Europe, other countries as well as the UN and other multilateral and non-governmental organizations to achieve its goals.

ATFP aims to become an established American institution, independent of all individuals and personalities, that will continue serving for decades to come. It shall adopt codified rules and ministerial procedures and activities designed to strike deep roots that will sustain its viability for decades to come.

ATFP plans to achieve its objectives by continuing its present policy of establishing a Board of proud and concerned Americans, who are like-minded in their commitment to the core purpose, values and mission of the organization. It is anticipated that the Board will be expanded gradually in order to provide the widest possible representation of those committed to the ATFP’s mission, and who can and will make substantial contributions to its efforts. Board members shall take on specific tasks in defining and implementing approved programs, with the support of the staff.

All Board members will be subject to term limits, with a maximum of two three-year terms. New Board members will be selected and approved by sitting members each year.

It is planned to establish a parallel organization, known as Young ATFP this year with a core number of twelve individuals committed to ATFP‘s goals and values. It is anticipated that eventually it will expand to have representatives from every state.

An annual program, with an approved budget, will be outlined for each year in advance. The staff, with small departments initially, will expand according to a plan revised and approved by the Board annually. The program for the year of October 2004-October 2005 is to be approved by the Board in October 2004.

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