Farouk Shami accepts Award at ATFP Second Annual Gala

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Good evening everybody. It's hard to follow Dr. Shami. It took my mother three and a half years to bring me. It's a great honor and pleasure to be with you tonight.


How to Advocate

Strategies for Advocating Palestinian Statehood

Pro-Palestinian events, public relations campaigns, public education efforts and other measures aimed at persuading the American public of the need to end the occupation and create a Palestinian state should stress the receivable message that US foreign policy should be balanced and fair, and oriented towards the accomplishment of a viable and achievable peace.

Dr. Baramki accepts Award at ATFP Second Annual Gala

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Thank you Farah. Your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen: I am very proud to receive this award from ATFP which stands for Choosing Peace and Embracing Hope.


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