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Good evening,

Tonight I have the privilege of introducing a man whose story brings great pride to the Palestinian community. A man whose identity as a Palestinian American shaped him more than anything else--gave him his relentless drive and deep-rooted values.

To recognize his accomplishments is to recognize overcoming a lifetime of adversity; he surmounted the challenges of being not only an immigrant, but also a refugee.

He came to the United States and enrolled in college, financing his education by working menial jobs with low pay and long hours.  After earning a degree in Engineering and later an MBA, he began his 30 year ascent to the top of one of the most prestigious management consulting firms.

He has worked tirelessly to give his family every opportunity he never had, and instill the same work ethic, drive, and values in his children. 
Though outwardly identifying as a Palestinian American was never easy, internally it created the character that drove him to greatness.
Dad, we all look up to you, thank you, and applaud you.  Your family could not be more proud.
Please join me in recognizing my father Ghassan Salameh.
Joey Salameh introduces his father, Mr. Ghassan Salameh, ATFP Honoree for Excellence in Business, at the ATFP Fifth Annual Gala, Washington, D.C., October 20, 2010.

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