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Dr. Fuad Jubran was born in Lydda, Palestine and, like many other Palestinians, left to Lebanon in 1948 following the devastating war that led to the creation of Israel.

He studied at the American University of Beirut and went on to Cleveland, Ohio to specialize in cardiology.

After his return from Cleveland, Dr. Jubran spent 17 years in Beirut where he established, directed and maintained the first coronary angiography laboratory at the American University Medical Center in Beirut. In 1986 he joined the Cleveland Clinic to become Director of the Coronary Intensive Care Unit.

Today he is still with the Cleveland Clinic where he has encompassed many roles and responsibilities such as being an active member of the cardiology section at the Cardiovascular Institute and Director of the Middle East Sector of the International Center of the clinic.

Dr. Jubran’s commitment to the education and training of young Arab-Americans in the medical field has earned him the reputation of a person who cares about others. He has not only donated money generously to organizations and NGO’s, but has also dedicated his time to train and develop young Arab-American doctors who today are among the top physicians in the USA and the Arab world.

In recognition of such achievements, Dr. Jubran has been offered many posts such as that of Director of the Sabbagh Educational Fund at the Cleveland Clinic. At the clinic he has established the “Fuad Jubran Endowed Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine and the clinic itself has also established the “Fuad Jubran Center for Middle East Medical Education”.

Allow me now please to introduce to you all Dr. Fuad Jubran, a personal friend to me and to my family, a person who spares no effort in helping others no matter what race, age, religion or country they come from and, above all, a true friend.

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