Press Release
Contact Information: Ghaith al-Omari
May 7, 2010 - 12:00am

On May 4th, ATFP Advocacy Director Ghaith Al-Omari delivered a lecture at the Ohio State University John Glenn School of Public Affairs entitled “The Peace Process: Through Our Eyes”.

In his talk, Mr. Al-Omari expanded on the current state of the negotiations in light of the immanent start of the proximity talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He focused on the need for the US to create a framework to govern the behavioral conduct of the parties during the negotiations in order to create an environment conducive to success and to avoid actions that might erode trust and derail peace talks.

He also explained the ongoing Palestinian efforts to build the institutions of statehood whether in the security, justice, governance or economic sectors.

He called for a strategy that will lead to the convergence of the negotiations and institution-building tracks in order to achieve a sustainable two-state solution.


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