Picture Title Artist Starting Bid Market Valuesort icon
Set of eight David Roberts Lithographs (From the First Standard Folio Edition) David Roberts $12,500.00
Page from Original King James Bible $150.00
Girl with Doe Eyes Rashid Hassan $400.00
Domes of Barsbay - Cairo Catherine Painter $500.00
The Minarets of Cairo I Catherine Painter $500.00
The Minarets of Cairo II Catherine Painter $500.00
Abstract Calligraphy Hussein el Gebaly $300.00
Ibn Tulun Mosque Catherine Painter $500.00
Cairo Market Scene (1) Abdel Latif Atia $400.00
Cairo Market Scene (2) Abdel Latif Atia $400.00
Coptic Textile $1,000.00
Saudi Royal Wedding Dress $1,000.00
Sunset Ahmad AlKarkhi
Beit/Home Helen Zughaib
Sisters Helen Zughaib
Prayers for Peace Helen Zughaib
Abaya 2 Helen Zoughaib
Ottoman Pattern Dress $150.00
Three Women at the Fountain Sultan Qaitbey George Kosinksi $250.00
Entrance to a Private Mansion, Cairo David Roberts $150.00
Interior of the Mosque of the Sultan El-Ghoree David Roberts $150.00
Petra Showing the Upper or Eastern End of the Valley David Roberts $150.00
The Silk Mercers' Bazaar of El-Ghatreshyeh, Cairo David Roberts $150.00
Lower Portion of El-Khasne, Petra David Roberts $150.00
'55 Chevy at the Diner Jan Kaulins $50.00 $70.00
"Calligraphy" Zuheir Al-Faqih $125.00 $180.00
Women in Djerba, Tunisia Michael Keating $225.00
Syria: Mesopotamia, Assyria Samuel Butler $100.00 $250.00
Femme De Peuple $225.00 $300.00
Femme De Caire $225.00 $300.00

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