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Good evening everybody. It's hard to follow Dr. Shami. It took my mother three and a half years to bring me. It's a great honor and pleasure to be with you tonight.

I would like to start by thanking Dr. Asali and the American Task Force on Palestine for such a first class occasion on our beloved Palestine. Thank you sir, we really appreciate it.

I'm really appreciative, grateful, and humbled for the honor you are bestowing on me tonight. I want you to know I accept this honor in the name of thousands of Palestinian Americans, men and women, around the world who put their determination and ethics of determination, focus, and hard work to achieve the American Dream and the American success story. I accept this honor with great pleasure and I want to thank the people who came with me from Houston, Texas first and I'd like to thank my family in Washington DC and I'd like to thank my business partner, Mr. John McCall of Texas. John, there you are.

And the man who gave me my first American job when I came to United States after the 1967 War. I was dollar-less, or penniless, I would like to say, and he gave me my first job. He's here with us today. He's a very, very loyal employee of Farouk Systems, Mr. Rick Landry.

Farouk Systems is a company committed to a social, and humanitarian role. After 9/11 we worked with President Bush in New York and in Louisiana after the Katrina event. We're very proud to be Palestinian American and to do our part as good citizens of United States of America. We're very proud of this fact.

I want you to know that we do support President Bush's initiative to support an independent state of Palestine. We at Farouk Systems we support education and refuse suffering of Palestinians. We support education through my late father Mr. Mohammed Shami Foundation who came to United States of America in 1920.

I'm very honored to be with you tonight, I'm thankful. I want you to know that we have been vocal in presenting Palestine and calling for sharing to build a Palestinian independent, viable state and implementing United Nations Resolutions.

We are for love. We are for peace. We are very proud to be Palestinians. We are very proud to be good American citizens. We are ready to build Palestine and a Palestinian state. We'll be there when Palestine is ready. May God bless America. May God bless you all. And may God save the Palestinian people. Thank you very much.

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