ATFP President Ziad Asali called on the Egyptian government to protect its strategic relations with the United States, and avoid playing into the hands of those who want to see those ties compromised.
Asali, speaking to TV host Lamis Elhadidy on Egypt's CBC satellite TV channel, said Egypt has every right to act in its national security interests, but he cautioned against alienating longstanding allies. It is in Egypt’s interest to adopt reasonable policies and to address its legitimate security threats without over-reacting, added Asali.

Preserving Egypt’s independence and decision-making power is essential and should be maintained, Asali explained.   

Asali mentioned that the political process must be open to all political parties, including the Muslim Brotherhood as long as they refrain from resorting to violence, coercion or intimidation. He emphasized that it is imperative for Egypt to uphold the rule of law in dealing with the ongoing crisis to preserve its international credibility.


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