Noah Klieger
Ynetnews (Opinion)
March 12, 2013 - 12:00am,7340,L-4354755,00.html

There is no need for me to stress my strong objection to racism of all kinds and types, especially violent racism against innocent civilians. The assault of the Arab woman, who arrived to console the bereaved at the home of her Jewish friend in Jerusalem, by Jewish girls or boys (Hilltop Youth-style) is indeed a serious incident. Clearly, the rioters must be punished and judged severely as soon as possible.

Yet let us all keep things in the right proportions: A number of Jewish youths attacked Arabs, and there is no dispute over the fact that these are ugly acts. But there is a long way to go from there to the harsh words, used mostly by the media. These few acts by a number of hooligans do not turn an entire nation into a racist, bloodthirsty people. Do the killing sprees of young men in the United States mean that all 320 million Americans are murderers? Do the attacks against Jews in Germany or France mean that all Germans and French are racist? Of course not.

So let's keep things in proportion. The few Jewish rioters will be punished. In the meantime, every official in Israel has apologized to the Arab teacher; an apology which, by the way, we have never received from the other side. If I am not mistaken, after the murder in Itamar – a shocking incident in which the Fogel family was butchered cold-bloodedly – I did not hear a single word of apology from any Arab official.

Neither did I hear an apology after many Jews died as a stone was thrown on their moving car, nor did I hear one after yeshiva students were attacked on their way to the Western Wall or next to the Jerusalem walls. There was simply no apology.

It seems that in Israel – like in the rest of the world's countries – people have accepted the bitter fact that what Muslim rioters are allowed to do, Jews or other enlightened people are forbidden. A complimenting version no doubt, but extremely dangerous. Arabs can live (and indeed live in masses) in every city in Israel – from Tel Aviv to Tiberias, from Haifa to Eilat – but can Jews live without any problems in Umm al-Fahm, Kfar Kassem or Tayibe? I think not.



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