Chaim Levinson
March 7, 2013 - 1:00am

The state is planning to demolish four structures erected at the Sde Boaz outpost "as soon as possible," including a paved access road, built on Palestinian-owned land.

The houses are located in a new area of Sde Boaz, next to the Neve Daniel settlement. Residents from the Al-Khader village petitioned the High Court in December, with the help of attorney Jihat Nasser, and requested that the access road to the area be destroyed since it encroaches on their private property. They also requested the four structures be demolished and an interim injunction issued that bars any further construction.

On Tuesday, the state gave its position, signed by the state's representative, attorney Michal Tzuk-Shafir. It says that the entire construction is illegal. The state has issued an order to stop work, and has issued demolition orders. With regards to the date the demolitions order will be implemented, the state wrote that it intends to "act within a short time-range" and will "carry out the demolition of the relevant construction at as soon as possible."

The obligation to do so is based on a declaration by the head of the infrastructure department at the Civil Administration, Lt. Col. Aviad Zilberman.

In January, Haaretz reported that the Gush Etzion Regional Council provided Israel's High Court with a fraudulent affidavit which states that the illegally built structures were inhabited. Haaretz has in its possession many pictures of the empty houses, which were taken at the time the affidavit was filed. The attorney's office avoided referring to this matter in their last update, arguing that in any case, the houses would be demolished soon.


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