Eli Senyor
October 5, 2012 - 12:00am

The body of a prominent member of Ramla's Muslim community was found Friday inside the city's Great Mosque. The victim was identified as Muhammad Taji Abu Jamil, an official who oversaw the affairs of the Waqf in the city.

Magen David Adom emergency services were called to the scene but had no choice but to pronounce him dead. The Ramla Police have launched an investigation.

According to available details, at 11:30 am, the police emergency line received a call reporting that a body had been found in the Great Mosque of Ramla.

Police forces and MDA teams were immediately dispatched to the area, where they found the body of a 50-year-old man.

 A police source confirmed that signs of violence were evident on the body and that blood was found at the scene.

 Due to the sensitive nature of the case, Central District Commander Benzi Sau has decided to task the district's Central Investigation Unit.


The victim is well known in the local community, which was stunned to learn of his death.

 Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi, who was related to Abu Jamil, said that the victim was "a noble man who worked tirelessly for the good of man through charity and guarded the assets of the Waqf."

 He added: "Abu-Jamil spent his life in the mosque and lost his life in the mosque that he so loved, at the hand of a heinous killer who stabbed an elderly man in a house of worship. I hope the police soon catch the perpetrator of this terrible act."


  Ramla Mayor Yoel Lavie, who knew the victim, told Ynet: "We’re in absolute shock. He was a beloved figure who worked tirelessly to bring the local Muslin and Jewish communities together."



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