September 10, 2012 - 12:00am


JERUSALEM, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- The Israeli police will soon inaugurate a new unit aiming to target the so-called "price tag" vandalism attacks against Palestinian and military property.

"We must show zero tolerance to terrorism, to attacks on religious institutions and other price attacks," Aharonovich said at a toast to the Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year holiday next week.

Some of such vandal attacks in recent months have included torchings of mosques and other Palestinian property, anti-Arab and anti-Israeli government graffiti daubed on walls of institutions, burning and defacement of cars and other vehicles in Palestinian villages, and harassment of Israeli military forces.

Despite a few arrests and convictions, the attacks are mostly attributed to settlers and supporters of construction in the West Bank, who claim the acts as a "price tag," imposed after government and military forces tear down disputed outposts and neighborhoods in larger communities.

Over the past two years, only 23 indictments were filed out of 170 documented price tag attacks.

The latest attack took place last week at a Christian monastery outside Jerusalem, where unknown assailants set fire to an external door and sprayed anti-Christian slogans on its walls.

The attack took place after the army closed down the Migron outpost, and evicted its residents, moving them to other housing at a nearby settlement.

Aharonovich stressed that in order for the unit to successfully fulfill its mission, it would need some assistance from other enforcement bodies as well as the Israeli society.

"We cannot accept and make peace with the situation as it currently stands. We must bring the guilty parties to justice immediately," he added.

The unit will include several dozen policemen, who are to be deployed across the West Bank, police sources told the Ynet news site.


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