Jihad El-Khazen
Dar Al-Hayat (Opinion)
January 11, 2012 - 1:00am

American policies, both domestic and foreign, are a hostage of the U.S. elections, a stand-alone American industry much like the auto and hi-tech industries. Presidential elections are held every four years, along with elections for the House and a third of the Senate’s seats (in addition to local elections of every kind in the states). Then the winner in the presidential elections in November would have barely entered the White House in January, when he has to begin preparing for the U.S. mid-term elections two years later, in which the Americans go to the ballot boxes to vote for a new House and a third of the Senate’s seats.

I will leave American domestic politics to the Americans and content myself with U.S. foreign policy, as this is what affects us principally with the good (if any) and many evils it brings us. Indeed, the upcoming elections in November this year mean that the foreign policy will become a hostage of the interests of the contenders, from the President to the Congressmen and women, and this subsequently entails full subservience to Israel in the Middle East at the expense of the Arabs and America itself.

Here, I absolutely mean what I say, as it is corroborated by thousands of proofs. The Israel Lobby has proven that in the Congress, it is stronger than the President, a Congress that is certainly more loyal to Israel than the Knesset, since it votes unanimously with Israel unlike the Israeli parliament.

The U.S. foreign policy, run by Israel and the treasonous American neocons and Likudniks, have “achieved” the following:

- Losing the President of Tunisia, an ally, and the emergence of a powerful Islamist movement.

- Losing Egypt, where the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood means automatically refusing to recognize Israel, while bearing in mind that Hamas is part of the Brotherhood.

- They lost Libya, where America had allied itself with Gaddafi against his own people, to armed Islamists.

- Syria was never theirs and any change there will bring a regime that is more hostile to America and Israel.

- They lost Afghanistan even before they withdraw at the end of 2014. All the Taliban fighters have to do is to wait for America and its allies to leave to return to power the following day.

But Iraq remains the clearest example of the dangers of having a small fascist country run the foreign policy of the world’s largest democracy. The gang which promoted the war on Iraq and fabricated premises for their cause was Israeli before it was American. The upshot then was that Iraq is no longer an ally of the United States. Rather, America has handed over the country to Iran. Nor did Iraq become a democratic beacon for the countries of the Middle East, as it is now ruled by an oppressive sectarian government that is a bane for both near and far away countries.

Today, the same people who incited the war on Iraq want a war on Iran. While I discount an American war because Barack Obama is not a warmonger, I do blame him for his stance on the war criminals in his country. For one thing, he, following his victory in the elections, chose to “look forward rather than look back”, which encouraged the remnants of the neocons and the Israel lobby to seek war, or wars, once again. Compare this with the insistence of the revolutionaries of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt to prosecute their former officials.

Today, the only remaining allies of the U.S. in the Middle East are the small Gulf States, where the U.S. Fifth Fleet is stationed and where the U.S. keeps military bases, small and large, with the exception of Saudi Arabia where military cooperation is limited to arms purchases and training. However, all these countries’ links to the U.S. are based on nothing more than immediate interests that will come to an end once their Iranian motives, as well as the daily threats and ambitions across the Gulf, all come to an end.

Thence, the United States will have nothing in our countries except the huge embassy in Baghdad that is equivalent in size to a banana republic, and which comprises between 16 and 18 thousand employees including five thousand mercenaries for protection. But how will size matter in a country ruled exclusively by a Shiite group allied with Iran?

In the end, I want to conclude on a positive note: President Barack Obama loathes and despises Netanyahu, and his policies will change radically should he win a second term, and I believe that a Palestinian State will be attainable after 2013 if Obama remains in the White House.


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