Uri Misgav
Ynetnews (Opinion)
December 1, 2011 - 1:00am

Ever since the Palestinians were accepted into UNESCO last month, Israel has been halting fund transfers for the taxes and duties it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority in the framework of the Oslo Accords.

While hundreds of millions of shekels are being held up in Jerusalem, members of Israel’s government continue to argue over what’s the right move. Let’s make it easier for them. Below is a list of conditions that make it permissible, reasonable, and preferable to continue freezing these funds:

If stealing is ok. If holding money that isn’t yours is ok. If violating signed international agreements is ok. If refusing the requests of top world leaders is ok. If toppling the Palestinian Authority is ok. If paralyzing Palestinian security arms in the West Bank is ok. If ignoring the pleas of our security chiefs is ok.

And there’s more. If greatly boosting poverty and distress in the West Bank and Gaza is ok. If boosting Palestinian hatred for Israel is ok. If producing motivation for terror attacks is ok. If tilting the balance on the Palestinian street in Hamas’ favor is ok. If bringing the third Intifada closer is ok.

Dancing to Lieberman's tune

And there’s more. If accepting a reality where the prime minister says he supports the transfer of the funds, yet the funds are not being transferred is ok. If accepting a reality where the PM declares that he is a great believer in the lull vis-à-vis the Palestinians but the funds are not handed over is ok. If accepting a reality where the PM’s defense minister objects to the ongoing freeze but the funds are not handed over is ok.

And there’s more. If dancing to the tune of great statesman Avigdor Lieberman is ok. If adopting the ethical and moral values of doctor of philosophy Yuval Steinitz is ok. If subjecting the State of Israel’s map of interests and its citizens to an agenda of a radical, loud minority is ok. If declaring festively, once and for on, that there is no logic in madness is ok.

Yet if all of the above is not ok, we should quickly hand over Palestinian Authority funds to the Palestinian Authority. As soon as we can. After that we would do well to look into how Israel turned into a state that works against itself.


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