Oudeh Basharat
Haaretz (Opinion)
November 7, 2011 - 1:00am

Only in Israel is pork called "white meat." A white steak, as opposed to an impure pig steak, can be devoured with a clear conscience. What the British call the War Ministry is designated in Israel as the Defense Ministry, a sort of friendly neighborhood nickname. And don't ever run into the intellectually challenging expression "the absentee law," this is simply the law that allows the theft of Arab property.

Only in Israel does assassination dress up as the defensive word prevention. This reminds of us the words of the Egyptian actor Adel Imam in one of his plays: "His cheek is the one who slapped my hand, your honor." Only in Israel, in 1956 did the empathetic phrase turn into a murderous order: "Allah will have mercy," said the commander to his subordinate's question at the time as to the fate of those residents returning from work, who did not know of the curfew placed on Kfar Kassem.


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