The Jordan Times (Editorial)
August 10, 2011 - 12:00am

His Majesty King Abdullah held talks with visiting Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, reiterating Jordan’s support for the Palestinians’ quest for statehood and freedom.

Jordan has legitimate concerns about an eventual “deal” on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict which, as our foreign minister underscored, can best be reached through negotiations.

In the absence of talks, however, which Israel shows no interest in, continuing to hang on to its intransigent stand, the options are limited and the Palestinians’ statehood bid will have to be pursued at the UN.

While the Kingdom fully backs the Palestinians’ drive to seek UN recognition of an independent state within the 1967 borders, Jordan’s national interests cannot be foregone. As such, three basic issues have to be clearly addressed: the Palestinian refugees’ right of return, the future of Jerusalem, and the final borders between Jordan and the projected Palestinian state.

The now defunct Oslo accords were conducted behind closed doors and came as a surprise to most, Jordan included. They were negotiated and agreed upon without consultation or cooperation with the Kingdom, which makes it wary about any peace deal it has no knowledge of or consents to, especially when it comes to the final status issues.

Abbas’ visit to Amman for talks with the Monarch must have been a gesture of assurance about the future intent of the Palestinian side.

Jordan’s and Palestine’s interests coincide and complement one another; the two countries have common perspectives and shared concerns. The Palestinian president’s visit only reinforced this reality.


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