The Jordan Times (Opinion)
July 25, 2011 - 12:00am

The uprisings in several Arab countries may have temporarily turned the limelight away from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but that does not mean it will be on the back burner for long.

Palestinians, Arab peoples at large, cannot forget the occupation, with all it entails, especially now that a showdown over the recognition of an independent Palestinian state is looming on the horizon.

Israel must not deceive itself into believing that the Arab nation can ignore the Palestinian plight; it should not take comfort in the spread of Arab demonstrations calling for democracy and freedom.

Such calls are the result of a natural human desire to be free and live in democratic systems that take heed of their voices, but the Palestinian problem is central to the Arab world and a solution to it is long due.

The Palestinian-Israeli issue has consistently fed many regional conflicts; without its resolution, the different conflicts in the area cannot be expected to be put to rest.

Palestinians, and the rest of the Arabs, have a date with destiny in September, when the United Nations will act on the demand for recognition of an independent Palestinian state with full sovereignty over the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

The course of events in the region and beyond will be decided this fall by the world organisation, with, no doubt, a great impact on the ongoing Arab revolts.


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