The Jordan Times (Editorial)
July 1, 2011 - 12:00am

Much hope was pinned on the initial agreement between Fateh, the main Palestinian faction, and Hamas, the movement ruling Gaza, to forge a united Palestinian front at this critical time.

The Palestinians need a unity government in order to push forward their plan to seek recognition by the UN General Assembly as an independent state. Unfortunately, so far, the two Palestinian factions failed to seal their initial accord by agreements on several fronts, including holding presidential and parliamentary elections, and forming a national unity government.

The message one gets is that the division between the two movements is simply too deep to be bridged in a short time, or in advance of the move to seek recognition by the United Nations, slated for this September session.

The Arab countries need to intervene and salvage the fragile accord struck between the two sides before the few achievements gained so far are lost.

Only by holding national elections can differences be resolved. When the Palestinians, as a people, vote to determine their future, the two opposing factions can end their differences and move forward in their quest for independence.

The UN might also send a clear message to the two camps that their demand for recognition cannot be met unless they hold free and fair elections under international supervision. That way, the side elected will have the authority to talk on behalf of the people.

From there on, the nation can follow the course of events it wants without fear that legitimacy is lacking.


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