June 30, 2011 - 12:00am

Palestinian officials on Thursday slammed a U.S. Senate resolution threatening to cut American aid if the Palestinian leadership continued to seek recognition of state from the United Nations.

"This is a shameful decision," said Nabil Shaath, a Palestinian peace negotiator, such decision should not have come from a country that plays "an important role" in mediating between the Palestinians and Israel for peace.

Resolution 185, passed Wednesday, called on the U.S. President Barack Obama to veto the UN vote on the Palestinian request for recognition of their state in September.

The Palestinian determination to go to the UN without an agreement with Israel "will have implications for continued United States aid," the resolution said.

Shaath said pro-Israel groups in the United States were behind the issuance of similar resolutions from U.S. legislative bodies. He called on Obama to face these decisions that include " blackmailing the Palestinians."

Ahmed Majdalani, a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official, said the U.S. Senate's resolution "demonstrates the extent of the U.S. bias towards Israel."

Majdalani added that the Palestinians are still determined to seek recognition for the Palestinian statehood on the lands Israel occupied in 1967.

Israel resumed construction of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank last year, breaking down the U.S.-brokered peace talks and pushing the Palestinians to take a decision to seek unilateral recognition.


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