Ma'an News Agency
June 16, 2011 - 12:00am

Israeli forces on Wednesday arrested an Israeli settler for the murder of a Palestinian man near Nablus nearly five months ago, Israel's daily news site Ynet reported.

According to the report, Israeli police arrested a man residing in Jerusalem, who admitted to shooting an Iraq Burin shepherd, but claimed he did so in self-defense after stones were thrown.

Video footage captured from a nearby military base shows an altercation between the settler and two villagers, although the footage was shot from a distance, the site reported.

The man is expected to be indicted for the crime, and charged in court.

Statistics show little chance for justice, however, with a 2006 report from Israeli human rights group Yesh Din showing that over 90 percent of complaints by Palestinians against settlers resulted in no indictments, despite there having been an investigation by Israeli police.

In March, Jerusalem's Magistrates Court acquitted a settler woman, a resident of Hebron, who had been accused of assaulting a nine year old minor in five years earlier.

Residents and the Israeli rights group B'Tselem had caught the woman on tape harassing a local family with vicious anti-Arab statements.

The judge dismissed the case saying testimonials were contradictory.


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