The Jerusalem Post
May 26, 2011 - 12:00am

Israeli-born billionaire Haim Saban expressed optimism about Israel-American relations in an interview following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress on Tuesday.

"I believe we're all good," Saban, Chairman of Univision Spanish Television and one of the Democratic Party's biggest donors, said.

However, he added, "the US and Israel need to address points of difference between them in private, not in the UN or in front of cameras. The prime minister of Israel should not be speaking as he has in the Oval Office."

"This is not acceptable behavior, nor is [US President Barack] Obama's handling of every controversy in public, as he has done," Saban explained.

The billionaire also encouraged Obama to visit Israel. "Why has the president been to Saudi Arabia, Cairo and Turkey, but hasn't made a stop in Israel to speak with the Israeli people? He can clarify what his positions are to the Israeli people and calm them down, because they are not calm right now."

In addition, Saban would not say outright that he plans to donate funds to Obama, despite his many contributions to Democratic Congressional campaigns.

"President Obama has raised more money through the Internet than anyone before him," Saban explained. "He doesn't need any of my donations." Saban said that he would consider donating if he was "solicited."


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