May 25, 2011 - 12:00am

Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday he will not "put solutions before restarting peace talks" as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his speech to the U.S. Congress Tuesday, in which the prime minister announced Israel cannot go back to the 1967 borders.

Abbas' remarks came before a meeting of the Palestinians leadership to review the recent speeches of U.S. President Barack Obama and Netanyahu. The prime minister announced Israel cannot go back to the 1967 borders.

Addressing the leadership figures, Abbas said he is sticking to seek a UN recognition on an independent Palestinian state in September, a move objected by Obama.

"Approaching the United Nations does mean to internationally isolate Israel as President Obama claimed in his recent speech," Abbas said.

Abbas said that a Palestinian state must have borders with Jordan, Egypt and Israel as a "positive ground" for resuming peace talks.

Abbas also stressed to include final status issue in the peace talks as well as setting timetable for the talks. "Negotiations cannot continue forever," he said.

On Netanyahu's speech to the Congress on Tuesday, Abbas said Netanyahu put many solutions to most of the issues before the negotiations restarted. "The speech did not include any positive points," Abbas said.

He also vowed to achieve the Palestinian national reconciliation with Gaza-ruling Hamas movement despite the U.S. and Israel oppose to the peace deal signed between the two major Palestinian factions on May 4 to end the four-year division.

Under this agreement, a technocratic government will be formed to pave the way for general elections and reconstructing the war- torn Gaza Strip within one year.


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