Anwar Ahmad
Khaleej Times
May 13, 2011 - 12:00am

The Palestinian government seeks support from the GCC countries to resolve their long-standing conflicts with Israel and is willing to merge with the GCC bloc when liberated, said Dr Khairi Al Oraidi, Ambassador of Palestine to the UAE.

Addressing the media on the occasion of the Nakba or catastrophe day at the embassy premises on Thursday, Dr Al Oraidi, said: “I believe in the important role which the GCC countries have been playing in the region socially and politically.”

So, if Palestine or any other country becomes part of the GCC countries, it will be a great support for them especially for the people of Palestine, the ambassador said.

Palestinians mark Nakba Day to remember the 63rd anniversary of ‘Nakba’ or ‘catastrophe’, a term Palestinian refugees use to describe their expulsion from their homes and towns when Israel was created on occupied Palestinian?territories in 1948.

The Nakba made some 700,000 Palestinians displaced and dispossessed, forcing them to flee to different neighbouring countries, after some 500 villages and towns were wiped off the map by Israeli forces.

“Israel has shattered all peace process negotiations and occupied our territories and killed innocents for so many years, so we appeal to the United Nations to accept our country as a free nation and get rid of Israelis who are deteriorating the peace and prosperity of our nations,” Dr Al Oraidi said.

“No negotiation is going on with GCC countries in this regard, but we hope that if Palestine merges with the GCC countries bloc, it would help resolve its cause. This is just an opinion in reference to Jordan and Moroccan which became a part of the GCC countries,” he said.

About the Fatah and Hamas’ recent reconciliation deal signing, which calls for joint government to be formed ahead of elections next year, the ambassador said, many things are churning out from the Israeli side. “But we are not afraid of it and we are confident that this agreement will further uplift the welfare of the Palestinian people.”

He added that it’s too early to comment on the subject of elections to be held next year. The ambassador praised the government of the UAE and its visionary leaders for continuously supporting the cause of the Palestinian people and its liberation.


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