United Press International (UPI)
March 31, 2011 - 12:00am

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas hinted if negotiations with Israel fail to resume by September he may resign.

At a meeting in Ramallah with members of the Council for Peace and Security, Abbas hinted he would leave his post if the situation remains unchanged, Haaretz reported Thursday.

Speaking before the council members that included former Israeli military officers Wednesday, Abbas said the Palestinian Authority intends to work toward the establishment of a Palestinian state and win Israel's recognition. Failure to resume negotiations with Israel will force the Palestinians to turn to the United Nations General Assembly in September, the newspaper quoted him saying.

"If you [Israelis] do not want negotiations, and don't want an accord, then what are we supposed to do?" the newspaper quoted Abbas as asking.

"We have imposed order and security here for the past four years, and things are stable now: There is law and order, the economy is progressing, life is normal everywhere in the West Bank. Please, you must take advantage of the opportunity to continue [with talks]. If [the Israelis] don't want [talks], then we will leave. We will leave," he said.

Abbas warned if the Palestinians return empty-handed from the U.N. General Assembly he will convene a meeting of the Palestinian leadership and decide what to do.

"We have autonomous rule but we don't have independence. There is and isn't occupation. The [Israeli occupiers] can come at any moment. They can invade our territories. They can do anything. They can even stop me, as head of the P.A. from going home," he said.


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