March 30, 2011 - 12:00am

Israeli police arrested nine Jewish settlers in a violent scuffle at a West Bank outpost late Tuesday night, local media reported on Wednesday.

Israeli police officers claimed to have been attacked at Givat Ronen, south of Nablus, when they attempted to carry out an arrest warrant issued against a resident. Some people hurled stones at the squad cars, breaking their windows and slashing tires, police said.

In response, police fired tear gas to disperse the civilians.

Givat Ronen, home to about 25 families, is considered an illegal outpost. Residents claimed that police used excessive force, throwing stun grenades and bursting into their homes to search for suspects.

Israeli lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari of the National Unity Party criticized the police action, saying it is "a reminder of dark times."

A similar incident took place last month at another West Bank outpost, when police came to demolish illegal structures at the site. Fifteen residents were wounded by plastic bullets.


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