March 23, 2011 - 12:00am

The deposed Hamas government that rules the Gaza Strip announced Wednesday that it is seeking to calm the growing violence in the enclave.

Taher al-Nouno, spokesman of the Hamas government, said in a press statement sent to Xinhua that "we reiterate that our position is to firmly restore stability and work on calming down the situation in the field."

"The government has been making internal and external contacts to avoid the Gaza Strip's new confrontation with Israel," said al- Nouno, adding that the interior and foreign ministries are working on blocking the Israeli attempt to wage another war on Gaza.

He also stressed that his government rejects the Israeli policy that aims at dragging the Palestinian people and the armed factions into the escalation of violence in order to save the Israeli government from its current political crisis.

The Hamas spokesman also called on the Arab League for immediate move "to halt any new Zionist aggression on the Palestinian people and prevent Israel from using the current situation in the region to commit more massacres here."


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