Ronen Medzini
February 14, 2011 - 1:00am,7340,L-4028664,00.html

Ynet has learned of a Defense Ministry plan to relocate IDF colleges from Glilot to an eight-acre complex in Jerusalem, on land that is partially located beyond the Green Line.

According to the plan, the complex will be built between the Hebrew University campus on Mount Scopus and the Mormon University.

Part of the designated land is within the boundaries of the Arab neighborhood Wadi al-Joz and in an area which is not recognized by the UN as being under Israeli sovereignty.

The complex, where some 1,400 soldiers are expected to be stationed, will include General Staff offices as well as classrooms, a pool, gym, barber shop and synagogue for the use of the cadets.

The plan is still in its initial phase and is currently being reviewed. It has yet to be submitted for Defense Minister Ehud Barak's approval.

Orly Noy of the Ir Amim human rights organization said any construction beyond the Green Line, "particularly if it is carried out by the IDF," may "aggravate the already complicated situation in Jerusalem. This system of creating facts on the ground constitutes a dangerous burden with regards to future political possibilities in Jerusalem."

The Defense Ministry said in response, "The security establishment is working towards moving the IDF colleges from Glilot to Jerusalem. While working alongside the Jerusalem City Council, Mount Scopus was suggested as an alternative. This possibility has yet to be approved and is currently being examined by the defense establishment and the Jerusalem City Council.

"One of our goals is to make sure the examined area is under the full sovereignty of the State of Israel. In case it turns out that the property isn't owned by the State of Israel, the defense establishment will work towards moving the colleges elsewhere," the ministry said.

The Jerusalem City Council said, "Despite the fact that Ynet surely knows that Jerusalem was united in 1967, the designated location is within the borders of Mount Scopus. In addition, at this point the planning process has yet to begin."


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