Ma'an News Agency
February 7, 2011 - 1:00am

President Mahmoud Abbss sat with Jordan's King Abdullah on Sunday, the PA government press agency WAFA reported, saying the two discussed the latest political developments in the region.

The two met as Jordan's Islamists refused to join a new government, days after Abdullah sacked the old cabinet and appointed a new prime minister, and the International Quartet warned that instability in Egypt could derail the peace process.

"In these difficult circumstances, contacts and consultations should be resumed with his majesty the King," saying that was the primary purpose of the visit, adding that the maitinance of regular ties was particularly important given the events in Egypt and the information leaked by the London-based The Guardian and Qatar-based Al-Jazeera in the Palestine Papers.

The series of leaked documents revealed back-room negotiations between PLO and Israeli officials where Palestinian negotiators appeared prepared to concede large swaths of Jerusalem, let go of the right of return for the majority of Palestinian refugees and cooperate closely with Israel in the ousting of Hamas.

According to WAFA, the leaders supported the Quartet statement saying a peace deal could be reached by September, and remained insistent that a two-state solution was the way forward.

Also at the meeting was chief PLO negtiator Saeb Erekat, PA ambassador to Amman Atallah Kaheiri and head of the Jordanian royal court Naser Al-Louzy.


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