Eitan Haber
Ynetnews (Opinion)
January 20, 2011 - 1:00am

In recent weeks, the Israeli and global media have been publishing a series of boring, repetitive stories: Ecuador has recognized the Palestinians state. Argentina has recognized the Palestinian state. And Brazil as well. And Bolivia too. And, ouch, also Uruguay. What’s going on here? It’s the same boring story every time, with only the country’s name changing.

Big deal. Who cares about Uruguay anyway? And Bolivia, come on! As to Brazil – well, we overcame Pharaoh; we shall overcome Brazil as well. And what about Argentina? Did they even solve their own Maradona problems?

So here is a reminder: In 1947, the United Nations appointed a committee to look into what is going on in the area known as Palestine/Land of Israel. The committee decided to partition the land. That was the decision that prompted the State of Israel’s establishment, no less.

And who were the members of this committee? Fabregat from Uruguay and Grandos from Guatemala (some streets in Israel were named after them.)

Ladies and gentlemen: We are facing a diplomatic threat. This is the beginning, and it may end up sweeping the whole world, which will then recognize a Palestinian state in line with the 1967 borders, without demilitarization and without territorial tradeoffs.

To this very day, we proudly mark the night of November 29; that same night where the UN voted to partition the land, a decision that as noted led to the State of Israel’s establishment. At the time, we were dancing in the streets.

Well, please make a note for yourselves: We are quickly approaching the Palestinian version of November 29.


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