Yossi Sarid
January 11, 2011 - 1:00am

There is no longer any doubt. Avigdor Lieberman is the big boss of the state, the new landlord. His venom has gone to his head even as he sprays it left and right - at "terror-enabling" leftist organizations and at "finicky" rightists who, with the blind conformity of Ionesco's rhinoceroses, "prevent the right from ruling."

Apparently not everyone is willing to stick his nose into Yisrael Beiteinu's open sewer, sniff and enjoy it. Today, the evil spirit sets the tone, spreading the patriot-villain's radiocactive radiation.

We are becoming callous to this abusive, coarse man, as though we were getting used to a purulent abscess developing under our nose. Hello, Barak, do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? Are you in the country? Or should we hold a conference call, so that all your colleagues in the party and cabinet can hear and respond at will. How long will you allow this abomination, legitimize this filth, by sitting with him in the same room, the same cabinet?

Once upon a time, there was a Knesset member called Benny Begin, who refused to join the same cabinet as Rehavam Zeevi because of the latter's despicable views. Ghandi (Zeevi's nickname ) pales by comparison to Avigdor (Lieberman ). In contrast to Lieberman, the transfer inventor deserves to be remembered as a righteous among the nations. They're right, the villains - Kahane does live. He is the foreign minister today and the cabinet speaks and breathes from his mouth.

Once there was a prime minister who whispered in the ear of a deaf rabbi: "The left have forgotten what it's like to be a Jew." Furor rocked the country, the earth shook. Now it is silent. People are growing accustomed. Benjamin Netanyahu has since apologized, promised he has changed, that we wouldn't recognize him. But the prime minister has not changed if he permits one of his ministers to unleash his tongue and all the garbage and loathing beneath it. One minister is rolling the whole cabinet in tar, and you are doing it to an entire state.

As if this weren't enough, Lieberman asks with fake innocence why these treacherous groups "don't protest about Gilad Shalit." Actually, they have protested, but the protest needs to be directed at him. It is his fault and his fault alone that Gilad is still in the pit. For due to Netanyahu's fear of Lieberman, the prisoner-exchange deal to release Shalit has not been completed. More than Bibi fears the freed terrorists, he fears the foreign minister's reign of terror.

And Lieberman is really frightening, let's admit it. He instills terror even in the hearts of the investigating officers and prosecutors, who have been footdragging for too many years to expose his dark affairs and secret accounts. And yet he calls hunan rights groups "terror enablers."

Now he's ranting and raving against this newspaper too, saying "the arguments against Israel come from it." As far as I know, Haaretz intends to continue on its bad path. The paper has tens of thousands of subscribers, hundreds of thousands of readers in Israel and the world, and it is committed to them. It is determined to fight for another Israel, one that is not Lieberman's Israel. The newspaper is not "against Israel," but against Israel's government, when that government endangers the country. All Haaretz loyalists - readers and writers alike - love this country and want its good. They hate those who distort its image and uglify it. Our founding fathers would not forgive us if we fell asleep while guarding their heritage. Nor would our children forgive us for forfeiting their future.

In the end, one gunman opens fire in Tel Aviv, or in Arizona, but before that happens, someone has marked the targets for him. Rabbis and nationalist zealots marked Yitzhak Rabin, Sarah Palin marked Gabrielle Giffords, and now, Avigdor Lieberman is another right marker. Only yesterday, another target was marked in Jerusalem. Watch carefully, glance right to the Kahane and Goldstein commemoration corner, for the fire will open from here.


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