Ali Jamalo
Tishreen (Opinion)
November 7, 2010 - 12:00am

Jeffery Feltman deserves to be called an undertaker. He has excelled in this profession ever since he was a US Ambassador in Lebanon and he has gotten better at it since he became an Assistant to Secretary Hilary Clinton. ‘Undertaker’ in this sense doesn’t refer to a humanitarian mission to bury dead people, but rather a dirty profession of killing innocent people and burying them alive. In politics an undertaker is a man who imitates the spider in setting traps for its victim. As many people know, Lebanon makes an ideal environment for spiders.

Before, after and during the July war, this Feltman tricked some Lebanese – in the name of sovereignty, freedom and independence, leading them to margins of disgrace and turning them into helpless tools in the Arab-Israeli dispute. He dragged some of them to a hostile front for their country. Those miserable people only reaped disappointment and disgrace, even though they said differently in the media. Today, Feltman is repeating the same game in his new position. He is blowing the trumpet of sedition and assigning idiots with a new mission similar to their previous one. It is as if he is saying insolently, “You fools, try again”. What is ironic is that those people are repeating the same attempt without learning from the past experience.

The Arabs have not forgotten the image of the meeting of Lebanese politicians at the US Embassy in Aukar in that bloody summer in 2006 when the Israeli war machine killed innocent women and children in Lebanese villages and towns, demolished houses with cluster bombs and pursued people fleeing in their cars, blowing children to bits. That meeting was key because it pulled back the curtain from those who were waiting with their grudge for Israel to slaughter the resistance and humiliate their own people by inflaming the whole region.

Feltman, his former boss Condoleezza Rice, and the rest of the entourage discussed the shape of a new Middle East, which Rice, the formal State Department principal, described as having just entered childbirth. But when signs of confrontation started to appear, the world realized what the Middle East was made of – that the Middle East has no title other than Resistance.
Today, sedition-makers continue their attempts, under the cover of the International Tribunal, at achieving what Israel was unable to do that bloody summer.

Undertaker Jeffry Feltman, or Mr. Jeff, as some of his Lebanese friends like to call him, is playing his well-known role of sugar-coating death and suicide. He gathers the idiots together to task them with the job they have to do, at a carefully set time and place. It does not matter where they meet – the Embassy’s lobby, Aukar, another bigger room; there’s no difference. And in the age of open communications, there is no need for Feltman to come in person. There is no need to stress-out those people, some of whom boast of their historical cooperation with Israel and dream of restoring the old days. One clipping of a newspaper article is enough for the brilliant analysts to unleash their imagination, drawing up plans for an operation.
In reality, I feel sorry and scared about how the resistance’s leadership deals with this trap, in a situation where winning means losing and losing means losing. Falling into sedition is inappropriate for men, men who had a “Covenant with God: of them some have completed their vow (to the extreme), and some (still) wait: but they have never changed (their determination) in the least” (a Quran verse). Falling into sedition is unsuitable; injustice is disbelief; silence is death; and free men’s patience has limits.

That’s why Syria spares no effort, in cooperation with friends, to prevent this sedition, which serves no one but Israel. Syria’s efforts are based on a full understanding of the situation of the region, its crises and the challenges it faces. What Lebanon is experiencing these days unveils such challenges, which have entered a very critical phase. The sedition Israel and those who stand with it are trying to spark would destroy not only Lebanon but the whole region, from the Mediterranean to the Arab Gulf, via reviving religious hatred from the cabinets of history.

Due to the nature of the battle, we must choose the kind of weapon for the confrontation. That weapon is simply awareness, which is regrettably unfamiliar for Feltman’s Boys, who would fight the Lebanese national resistance on behalf of Israel with Lebanese tools.. He would fight with support from western countries that have their own agendas, and with support from Arab countries whose leaders’ brains have dried out and whose eyes have been blinded by hatred. This is the biggest dilemma.
The race today between the aware and the ignorant is at its height. The undertaker is waiting, and regret is useless if it’s too late. May God save Lebanon.


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