Akiva Novick
November 5, 2010 - 12:00am

With the end of the construction freeze and the beginning of the outpost-razing season, settlers present a new lexicon of conversational curse words for everyday use.

The new pocket book dictionary has been distributed recently among Hilltop Youth, and contains behavioral guidelines to be followed during the razing of outposts, as well as a list of recommended swear words to use against police officers.

From now on, the youth will use "cleaner" language and verbal assaults that combine biblical motifs and sophisticated, up-to-date slang. "Trash" and "scumbag" – out; "wine vinegar" and "Indian" – in.

The "dictionary" is updated with the latest current affairs; for example, if a cop acts without judgment, he should be told: "Who sent you, dumbass Barak?," in reference to a recent comment made by Labor Union leader Ofer Eini.

A skullcap wearing police officer should be called "Mafdalnik," after members of the National Religious Party, which was associated with the Zionist movement and settlers, and dissolved in 2008.

Special police unit officers who don't keep their promise should be called "Bibi" (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's nickname), while a left-wing cop should be addressed as "Son of Rahab."

The booklet's introduction explains the timing of the publication: "In recent months, police officers have been employing more violence during the destruction of houses in the hills.

"Special police unit officers, Border Guard officers and even Arab workers that come to tear down the houses are acting in impudence, while using extreme violence and obscenity," the intro read.

"There are no words to describe the feeling of a boy or a girl who are being blasted by Border Guard or special police unit officers. There is no doubt that we must answer these cops," it read.

So from now on, the jumble of random blasphemies during outpost evacuations will be replaced by a soundtrack of witty slang words.

In response to the publication of the booklet, Right-wing activist Itamar Ben Gvir told Yedioth Ahronoth, "The booklet should lead cops who participate in razing of outpostS to do some soul searching."

Ben Gvir noted that "not all cops should be generalized, as some try to maintain restraint, but those who do not are the ones we target."


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