Ali Waked
Ynetnews (Analysis)
September 23, 2010 - 12:00am,7340,L-3958777,00.html

Police forces remain on high alert in Jerusalem in view of the riots following the death of Silwan resident Samar Sarchan, as Fatah is trying to curb any further escalation in the situation.

Radical elements in the east Jerusalem village threatened to renew the riots, but sources in Fatah said that the group has issued an order to its members in Jerusalem to ensure the riots do not spread further.

Ynet learned Thursday that Sarchan was affiliated with Fatah, and that orders to pacify heated emotions came from top officials in the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian sources said the PA wants to see the violence ebb "so not to give Israel an excuse for agitation while peace talks were ongoing and so close to the end of the settlement freeze."

The sources added that the PA wanted to refrain from any escalation which Israel may use an excuse to delay negotiations.

Both Fatah and PA sources said they believe the violence will die down Thursday, although they could not rule out sporadic violence during the three-day mourning period called for Sarchan.

Senior Fatah member Mohammad Dahlan said Israel was trying to stir up a third intifada, defining Sarchan's shooting by an Israeli security guard as "crossing all the red lines."

A Fatah Central Committee spokesman said that the incident was "part of a scheme by the Netanyahu government to thwart the negotiation and continue the Judaization of Jerusalem. Israel wants to return to the cycle of violence and altercation to force us into a solution convenient to it – a temporary state within the borders of the security fence."


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