Ali Waked
September 7, 2010 - 12:00am,7340,L-3951458,00.html

The Palestinian Authority announced Tuesday that it had arrested six men who had carried out two terror attacks that killed four Israelis and injured two last week.

The Palestinians say the first attack, which killed four residents of Beit Hagai at a junction near Hebron last Tuesday, was carried out by two shooters and an accomplice.

A similarly composed terror cell was responsible for the attack that occurred one day later and injured a couple, according to the authority.

A Palestinian security official told Ynet that all of those responsible for the shooting attacks are currently in custody. The Palestinian government has condemned the attacks, for which Hamas has claimed responsibility, and promise the culprits would be punished severely.

Meanwhile the IDF announced that beginning midnight on Wednesday, Rosh Hashana Eve, the West Bank will be under closure until Saturday night.

The move is routine for holidays, but the launching of direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians render it somewhat sensitive, officials say.

The two terror attacks that occurred recently in the West Bank, in which four Israelis were killed and two injured, are an additional concern as the High Holidays approach.

The army, wary of more attacks, has deployed additional troops in the area, who will set up random roadblocks as preventative measures.

IDF officials say that the closure prevents Palestinians from entering Israel in order to work, but that they can travel freely throughout the West Bank.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak has issued orders allowing Palestinians to enter Israel only in cases of emergency, with special permission from the Civil Authority. Those who have obtained passes to visit their families in Israel will also be allowed through.


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