August 4, 2010 - 12:00am

Egypt accused on Wednesday the Palestinian factions in Gaza, of firing the rockets which hit Aqaba and Eilat, killing a Jordanian.

"Palestinian factions from the Gaza Strip were behind the launch of five rockets on Aqaba and Eilat on Monday," state-run MENA news agency quoted an official Egyptian source as saying.

Preliminary investigations carried out by Egyptian security authorities showed that Palestinian factions from the Gaza Strip stood behind the operation, the source said Wednesday.

The rockets hit sea and open areas near the city of Eilat, as well as Jordanian city of Aqaba. One Jordanian was killed and five others were injured.

Egypt will never, under any circumstances, tolerate the use of its lands by any party to harm the country's interests, the source said.

On Monday, Israeli media quoted Israeli security forces as saying that the rockets were apparently launched from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

But Egypt denied the possibility of firing Grad-type rockets towards Israel from Egyptian territories.

On April 22, a Grad missile was launched from outside the Jordanian territories and hit a warehouse in the southern governorate of Aqaba, causing an explosion.


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