Ma'an News Agency
July 1, 2010 - 12:00am

A delivery of 250,000 liters of industrial fuel on Wednesday will allow the Gaza Power Plant to redistribute its electricity supply, providing central Gaza with 16 hours of power each day.

With the infusion of fuel, the Gaza Energy Authority said in a statement, power production will once again reach 30 megawatts, bringing capacity back up to 50-60%.

For the past week, blackout schedules had 12-16 hours of darkness for each area served by the power station, a schedule that will be reduced to eight hours per day as of Thursday morning.

The announcement did not make clear whether an agreement had been reached between the Gaza Electricity Distribution Company and the Palestinian Authority, which had been squabbling over funds due from GEDCo.

PA officials said the company had failed to pay its June installment and would not receive fuel until cash had been delivered, while GEDCo insisted that it was doing what it could to collect bills with a clientele boasting a 70 percent unemployment rate.


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